Please browse through some of the current vacancies within the club. Join the team and make a difference!


LAYFC are looking an increasing the number of referees employed by the club to oversee games from Under 7s to Under 18s. Being a referee can be a rewarding and challenging role that has shown to greatly develop decision-making and assertiveness.

If you would like to become a qualified referee, you need to take part in a Basic Referees Course with Somerset Football Association. The course is typically around £100 which will quickly been recovered by the match fee you'll receive. The club will guarantee to meet the minimum number of matches required and hopefully many more in years to come.

Whilst completing the course we are happy for you to referee our games at a lower rate shown in brackets - only for younger age groups. Here are the qualified fees paid:


U7 & U8 5v5                                  £15  (£10)

U9 & U10  7v7                          £17.50  (£10)

U11 & U12    9v9                          £20

U13 & U14    11v11                      £25

U15 & U16   11v11                       £35  


U17 to U18    11v11                     £40

To become a referee you must be at least 14 years old and a resident of England.

Online Shopping


LAYFC are looking at some helpers to manage our online store and  increase recycling of secondhand kit and football boots. 

We think this would be great experience for a young person to learn online store skills, customer management and organisational skills plus some ingenuity.

The role would typically mean helping market the store to our parents, add items to the online store and help arrange pickup for purchased products. Note we expect the parents to hold on to the items and our shop will just be the facilitation.

We may collect some items at our serving shed at Beckford in the future.

Hopefully we can have a team of helpers. Please contact us if interested.